So, you and your friends have decided to find your own place and leave behind your digs in halls……where do you start?  You already know that Swansea has a lot to offer – it’s a fun and vibrant place to live, but where is best for you?  We’re here to help you find the right pad in the right place, we’ll take the stress out of it so you can start to enjoy the next phase of your Swansea life – just tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest! 

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • Provide you with expert advice and support
  • Accompanied Viewings
  • Find a Property to suit your needs and budget
  • Properties are fully compliant with Health & Safety Regulations
  • Guaranteed Low Tenancy Fees
  • Student Discount Packs

It really is that easy, so when you are ready give us a call, drop us an email or call in to see us.  Don’t forget to keep in touch with us on Facebook & Twitter.

Having already lived in Swansea for the last year, you’ll know the local area a bit and have a rough idea of where you want to be.  We’ve compiled an information page on the predominant student areas to give you an idea of what that area has to offer in terms of distance from universities and local amenities.


Less than one mile to Swansea University

Close to Singleton & Brynmill Parks

Local Amenities:

Pub, Fish & Chip Shop, Convenience Stores, Italian Deli, Bakery, Launderette

Approx. 2.5 miles from City Centre

Excellent Bus Service Routes

5 Minute walk to Uplands Area


Less than 1.5 miles to Swansea University

Close to Cwmdonkin Park

Local Amenities:

Pubs, Diners, Takeaways, Post Office, Variety of Retail Shops, Pharmacy, Convenience Stores, Hair Salons

Approx. 2 miles from City Centre

Excellent Bus Service Routes


Approx.  2.5 miles to Swansea University & Less than 1 mile to Swansea Metropolitan University

Close to Victoria Park, Leisure Centre, Marina, Wine Street

Local Amenities:

Supermarkets, Takeaways, Bars, Cinemas, Quadrant Shopping Centre - EVERYTHING ON YOUR DOORSTEP!

Excellent Bus Service Routes & Bendy Bus Direct to University


Right near Swansea Metropolitan University Approx.  2.5 miles to Swansea University

Close to Leisure Centre, Marina, Wine Street

Local Amenities:

Takeaways, Convenience Stores, Pharmacy, Hair Salon, Pubs

Excellent Bus Service Routes

Approx. 5-10 minute to City Centre